Open source projects


FSharp is definitely my favourite programming language and I developed some open source projects as following non-exhaustive list :

  • ScrapySharp scraping framework (my first open source project with Fsharp) wich reached more than 68,700 downloads on NuGet

  • LinqToSalesforce linq provider and type provider to use Salesforces API

  • FsRover is a small Raspberry PI robot powered with FSharp. Video is bellow.

  • EverybodyCode is a F# coding dojo. The goal is to create your own programming language transpiled to JS with FParsec.

  • SlackTypeProvider type provider for Slack

  • sokoban small Sokoban game made in Xamarin

  • Suave.RouteTypeProvider type provider generating strongly typed routes for Suave from url templates

  • Suave.Swagger DSL generating Swagger documentation in a Suave app

  • MailCheckerRestApi small REST API checking mail existence

  • SmsServer SMS server hosted by a Xamarin Android App

  • ScrapyFSharp reborn of Scrapysharp fully written in FSharp

  • SuavePresentation Presentation of my works with Suave made for a meetup.

  • AsciiPhoto Webpage converting images to ASCII Arts using (FSharp to Javascript compiler).


Robotic is one my hobits. So when I find time, I develop things like: